Working is a necessity that must be done by everyone in order to survive. Therefore, many people want to work according to their desires and expertise.However, in reality not everyone gets the job they like. This happens because of environmental factors, educational background, or an increasingly urgent life situation so that the work must be disliked.

As a result, many workers do not become productive and are also enthusiastic in facing work. If this keeps happening, of course it will harm other people and yourself.

But basically there are no problems that cannot be solved. So that there is an effective solution to undergo an unwelcome job.As in the following discussion, we will review 10 Effective Ways to Undergo Jobs that You Don’t Like. Do you want to know how to deal with it? Come on, see the discussion below!

  1. Throw Away Negative Thoughts in You
    As if it has become commonplace when someone does not like his job, he will close himself from the office environment. And if that happens it will make you even more depressed and depressed.

Of course this will increasingly have an impact on your performance doing a job. It is very bad and it can hurt yourself, so to eliminate it is to throw away the negative thoughts that are inside you.try to be open to your office friends by having lunch together, going home together, or taking part in joint activities outside the office. That way will make it easier for you to always be positive.

  1. Gratitude for Obtained Work
    The next way to undergo an unwelcome job is to be grateful. Gratitude is the attitude of thanking God Almighty for the gifts He gives.

God still gives you the opportunity to work and make money that is lawful for your family.As is known together, in Indonesia the unemployment rate is still quite high. Therefore there is no reason to hate the work you have got.It is precisely with gratitude to accept every provision of God Almighty that life will be lighter and easier to carry out.How to be grateful can be done by doing worship according to their respective religions and beliefs. Therefore, don’t forget to be grateful every time!

  1. Remember, Will Get Salaries Every Month!
    Every person who works of course wants to get a salary to fulfill his life needs. Therefore if you hate the work that you do, then you must also remember the salary earned.The salary will certainly be obtained every month if you work full time during the set time. And this salary will help the family economy for the next month.

Now think about if you continue to hate and your performance in your work decreases, then who else will you finance yourself and your family?The case of getting this salary can be used as a motivation to be able to keep working and love work. Because there is also no such thing as being lucky as you get a salary every month.

  1. Rest assured that the Job Underway Has a Positive Impact on You
    In Indonesia there are many people who take jobs that are not in accordance with their educational background.

But from this, many of them later succeeded in becoming experts in certain fields that were not in accordance with their educational background.Why is that? Because it could be that the person has found his passion in the field by continually struggling tirelessly.
Well, if you’ve heard of a similar case, take a lesson from the incident and then apply it to your life.

It could be an unwelcome job that is your way to success. Therefore, always take the positive side of each job you like.Let’s just say the work you are carrying on is a new challenge that must be conquered to be useful and useful in the future.Taking this positive action is indeed not easy but can be trained. Therefore still looking for an environment or friendship that is indeed positive.

  1. Smile
    By smiling, it will indirectly affect yourself to always be positive. You can’t help but try to do this because it will have an impact on the work you do.

Many experts judge, this smile can release the feeling of dislike and resentment within oneself. Just as in work, when you try to smile, everything will feel light to work on.

  1. Learn to be patient
    Besides being grateful, you might be in this unwelcome work to train yourself in patience.No need to look backwards, let alone blame others for causing you to be at the job. Instill in yourself that you can go through unpleasant conditions.Remember! The wheel of life will always spin and the fruit of patience will always end beautifully.
  2. Learn and Learn Again
    One of the unpopular work factors is due to the lack of deepening knowledge from the work involved.If this factor is your concern, the solution is to study and deepen the work you are doing again.For example, if you have an accountant’s education background, but in fact you also have to be a customer service so you can’t help but learn and deepen the knowledge related to that field.For example, you can read a book, diligently attend training facilitated by the company, or ask your seniors in the office about what a customer service should learn and do .

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Deepening the science of work that you don’t like can be done through browsing on the internet.Therefore there is no reason to say “Cannot” or “Dislike” because all media and facilities have supported you to change in a better direction and provide an opportunity for you to do the best work.Educational backgrounds and jobs that are very much different are no longer a reason or barrier to continue to develop.Precisely if you are serious and routine to do you will be a person who is an expert in their field.

  1. Create a Different Office Atmosphere
    When you work, of course, requires a conducive office space to be able to concentrate on work.It can be an unwelcome work that is influenced by your office’s work space that is not conducive.It has become a general rule, that the workspace is designed to follow company standards that cannot be changed. Unless you are an influential person in the office.However, whoever you are is not a barrier to making your workspace or office desk comfortable.You can change the layout of the computer and other items on your desk. Or if you are in a room can work with your team to change the workspace order to be very conducive.To change the room can also replace the atmosphere of the office wall paint with more attractive colors. But for this matter, there must be permission from the company and your division team.

If this is not possible, it can also be a simple way to put up photos of people you care about. Whether it’s family, friends, or special friends for you.

When they are “present” at your table indirectly will provide a positive energy to be able to support your work activities to be even better.

  1. Realize your dreams that you want to achieve
    If you are in a job that you don’t love, the next effective way to love or be able to survive is to think of a dream you want to achieve.

Of course, millions of people on earth have dreams. And the dream must be realized by hard work.So, if you want to make it happen, you have to want to survive and run all the conditions around you. Including conditions where you don’t like a job.That way, the dream will be the biggest motivation in your life to survive this job.

  1. Expand Activities Outside the Office
    If you have done the above methods and have not succeeded then you must use the following method, which is to find useful activities outside the office.

This method can help you to deal with work you don’t like. To carry out activities outside the office you should really like it according to your hobbies or interests.

If you like traveling, go in to the community so you can add new friends outside the office.Or for those of you who like sports, look for sports communities that you like.With activities that you do outside the office indirectly can make you avoid stress or laziness from the unwelcome work.Activities outside the office will be very useful and useful when you take leave.You can spend a lot of time enjoying useful activities outside the office.

Believe that, you will have new energy and when you go back to work you will be passionate about doing work even if you don’t like it.
When you choose to work you are actually not thinking about yourself. There will be people around you who need your helping hand to help.

They are the people closest to you who hope, that you are a reliable person.Therefore, when feeling lazy and saturated comes to think about how the fate of the people you love later.Finding a job that is comfortable and in accordance with your wishes is indeed a right. However, God always has other plans that are unknown.

It may be that you enjoy something but it’s not good for you. And it could be that you hate something even though it’s good for you.If today you don’t like a job, you can do the 10 methods above that have been described. Keep being someone who is responsible for what has been chosen.Obviously responsibility is not enough, you must be able to finish it completely by showing the professional nature you have.


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