Some people claim that 24 hours is not enough for them to complete all their tasks. It’s true, most of us try to make friends with time. Time is very important for us. Time management is said to be the most important element of professionalism which includes the balance and management of good professional and personal life. Ironically, time management is also the biggest problem with graphic designers . Freelance designers have various projects that come at any time, so you need to be familiar with time management.

If you work with yourself, you have to handle everything yourself. This is important in order to complete all your projects before the time limit given by your client. Every task requires a lot of time especially if you have to work by giving your best performance.

Effective time management requires a lot of discipline. Proper planning and getting things done early will help you avoid problems in your life. So what are the time management tips for designers ? Here’s the discussion!

1) Plan All Your Activities in the List

Your work will be organized by making a list of tasks that you will do every day. Be sure to include only the important things. You must follow all your activities without thinking about things that are not important as long as you study consistently. Make it weekly or even monthly. This method will help you determine whether you have spent time on your personal or professional life.

2) Set Priority

With many things that can be done in one day, make sure to set priorities. Choose what needs to be done first and the most important of all your tasks. In this way, you can focus on the most relevant work before heading to all your activities.

3) Do the Best for Your Project

Don’t immerse yourself in your work. If you have two or three large projects, then work one by one but make sure that you will do the best you can. Because if you work on many projects at the same time, the results will not be as good as you want.

4) Work on the Most Hateful Project

Sometimes, there are tasks or projects that we don’t like to do. So, force yourself to finish it first so you won’t worry and care about it when the project you hate has been done. After doing what you hate, you can spend more time working on projects that you love.

5) Stay away from activities that only waste time

Stop yourself from talking for a long time on the phone, checking e-mail, or using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will take up most of your time without you knowing it. Close the site while working. You can check it when you rest. But remember, don’t revel in your social media too long .

6) Breaking Up Large Projects

If you are given a large project where you have to do many things such as designing a logo, website , business cards and many others, talk to your clients to set different deadlines for each job you receive. Make a list of all the tasks and discuss with your clients for the first thing they want.

7) Find the Right Time for Everything

You will know when is the right time to work and to relax. If you have a better idea in the morning, you have to work in the morning. Choose the right time where you will be the most productive.

8) Limit Many Tasks

You can do several things at the same time. But make sure you don’t find yourself down in doing it, thus affecting the end result. Working on many tasks at the same time, can help you save a lot of time, but only if you do it the best way.

9) Make Your Own Deadline

As a designer , there are several ways to deal with deadlines . And make sure that you will not exceed the client deadlines given to you. Then you must be able to set your own deadline. This will help you not to rush when your client asks for a project that you are already working on. This method will also give you enough time to correct errors and look into all the project details.

10) Enjoying Your Time

Have fun while working. Enjoy your time while making a design . Give your heart fully to what you do, so you can achieve good results. The project, made with a happy smile, will look better than what is done with a sullen face. So … Keep Smile guys …

11) Avoiding interference
It is up to you how you will keep distractions away from work. Phone calls and noise can distract you and may drive away your creativity. So, to avoid the possibility of losing your artistic ideas, it’s important for you to avoid distractions and learn to discipline yourself.

12) Having a sense of urgency

Even if the deadline is still a week away, you still have to work on it at once. Don’t procrastinate. Complete everything as much as possible, while waiting for other projects. You must always be busy with work. You can relax after all your work is done. Put designer- style time management knowledge when you work. Relaxing will feel much better if you don’t need to worry about work anymore.


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