Having a quiet nature in someone is not a barrier to a career in the world of work. They still have hope to be able to fulfill their needs. In fact, the quiet nature that it has can be a strength if it is developed in the work place it should.
Someone who has a quiet nature certainly will not like a job that interacts with many people. They will be good at doing things behind the scenes or certain field work that they feel comfortable with.

If you are a quiet person, the following will be discussed about 13 Professions Suitable for Quiet People. What are the profession of the quiet person? Come on, see the reviews below!

  1. Become a writer
    The author is one of the profession of quiet people who do not need interaction or cooperation with many people. They will be free to express their writing as they wish.

The average writer only needs a laptop or computer and a quiet and comfortable room to start a job, and of course coupled with their ability to imagine composing words.

At present the writer’s work is sought after by people ranging from the author of articles, novels, scripts, and so on.

Don’t be afraid of the income you earn. In this day and age, the profession as a writer is enough to promise if you are good at seeing opportunities and doing them seriously.

  1. Librarian Profession
    Librarians are a profession in their daily work as guards and library managers. Whether it’s in schools, institutions, or universities in Indonesia.In carrying out their duties, librarians will interact a lot with the book then arrange and store it in a shelf.

Every now and then they will interact with book borrowers or who need book search information in the library.

Because of that librarians are one of the quiet profession that is perfect for those of you who are interested and competent in the field of literacy.

  1. An Accountant
    In carrying out its duties, an accountant will interact more with numbers. An accountant is tasked with balancing the balance of income and expenditure of the company.

Therefore they will not talk much because accuracy and consistency are the main capital to be able to complete this work.

Almost every large and small company needs an accountant to be able to manage the company’s finances.

For those of you who have a quiet nature and are adept at calculating numbers, this quiet profession can be chosen.

  1. Professional Painter
    As with writers, these painters need a quiet and comfortable room to produce their best work. The difference is that painters need canvas and other painting tools as the media that they will use to work.

In practice, painters don’t need to talk much and interact with people. Interaction can only be done when holding an exhibition and presenting a work that you have made.

This profession can be chosen if you like to imagine and express it in a painting.

If taken seriously, this profession can generate lucrative income. Because one painting can be bought at a high price of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

  1. A Graphic Designer
    Today, the profession as a graphic design is very promising and is sought after by companies throughout Indonesia. Of course this is an opportunity for those of you who have a quiet nature and are interested in graphic things.

This job spends more time at the computer. So that you are free to express ideas and imagination that are in accordance with your own desires and ordering.

Sometimes this quiet profession will interact with others but with minimal frequency. Namely when meeting with clients to find out the design desires of the ordering party.

The rest, a graphic designer will focus on working on a work with supporting media.

  1. Professional Programmer
    Based on the facts in the field, an average programmer has a quiet nature. Whether it’s the nature of the carrier or because of the factor of the work he does.

Working as a programmer is not an easy thing. Every day they have to deal with computers or certain formulas to do the programming process.

The profession of the quiet person requires full concentration in order to be able to complete the work as desired

Therefore, it is natural that in doing their work they are more often faced with “inanimate objects” than interacting with other people.

  1. Become a Translator
    The profession as a translator is not something easy. They must have and master one of the foreign languages ​​they master.

This translator profession is usually specifically for translating foreign books into Indonesia. because it requires a media in the form of paper, computers, dictionaries, etc. to accompany them to work.
Therefore, there is very little interaction with others unless the work is done.

For those of you who master one of the foreign languages ​​in this world, you may choose to be a translator because it is very suitable and falls into the profession category of quiet people.

  1. An Audio or Film Editor
    The job as an editor is mostly done in a room with computer devices, headphones, and other supporting tools.

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Before starting the editing process they will interact with the client to ask which parts need to be edited.

Then the interaction with the client will be done again when the work has finished. The rest they will focus on editing audio or film without interacting with clients.

The choice to be an editor is the right step. Especially for you to be happy in the field of film editor. This editor is also one of the professions of quiet people who are currently in great demand and are sought after by film producers.

  1. Labor Technician
    The profession of the next quiet person is to work in the laboratory or known as the laboratory technician. His work involved doing more experiments and hypotheses using chemicals or naturally.

Every now and then they will work together with the team or interact with other people to discuss the ingredients to be processed.This work requires precision and high concentration. Therefore they will focus on working to observe the results of the experiments they have made.

They will be willing for hours and even a full day in the laboratory to get the best results. Because of that, a laboratory technician is known to have a quiet nature and interact as it is according to his job.

10 Professional Financial and Stock Analysts
When you enter a stock exchange or currency market, the first impression you get is that you are crowded with people.

but when examined and re-observed, those who make “noise” are working individually to monitor the development of their company’s shares or clients.

Every minute and even seconds they will focus on paying attention to data and numbers of stocks and bonds. Therefore there is not a little time to interact with other people where they work.

New interactions will take place when they report the financial analysis report that day.

The profession of quiet people requires the skills of determination, focus, and sufficient knowledge about the world of stocks and the economy.

  1. Archivist Profession
    This profession as an archivist may sound unfamiliar to the people of Indonesia. However, in reality this profession is needed especially in government agencies, companies, and so on.

Broadly speaking, this profession is similar to a librarian. The difference is that they will compile archives of companies and agencies from time to time. Whether it’s in the form of documents or important documents for the company.

A saved archive is usually important and useful in the future. Because of that they have a quite heavy duty because of being a “secret” company.

This job does not need to interact with many people much. Because they will focus on keeping the archive and recording it neatly. If they interact a lot, it will break their concentration.

Therefore, Archivists are one of the quiet profession that is right for those of you who want to have a career in companies and government agencies.

  1. An Information Technology Expert
    Working as an IT or information technology expert as well as a programmer. They will focus on working in front of a computer screen by managing the existing network system.

Another similarity between IT experts and programmers is that the average person is quiet. Naturally, if this is liked by them because their work does not have to interact with many people.

Much of their work will be spent in a quiet room and accompanied by a sophisticated set of technological tools. They will work to control the network system in the company or agency they occupy.

Currently work as an IT expert is very necessary. Therefore Information Technology Experts are a quiet profession that makes it possible for them to make better careers in accordance with their fields.

  1. Handicraft Maker
    Another quiet profession is working as a handicraft maker. Someone who works in this field also does not need to interact with many people except when his work will be sold or exhibited.
    They can become batik craftsmen, makers of decorative handicrafts from marine materials, wood craftsmen, and so on.To follow this profession there is no need to work in a company or agency. Can join local SMEs or establish their own.


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