The Importance of Time Management To Be More Productive In Working. Time is one of the important things that need to be considered, because even for a second time will never be repeated.
Maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of time is one of the mandatory things you must do, especially at work. Time management is needed so you can be more productive at work.

Although doing this is not an easy thing, it takes habits and maybe a little force from within yourself. However, it is not impossible for you to have good time management.

There are a number of time management tips and strategies for you to be more productive at work and you can do it.

In this article there are 2 important discussions, (First) 14 time management tips, and (Second) Review 21 time management strategies from experts.

Discussion (First) 14 time management tips

1. Make a list to do “To Do List”

Tips for time management to be more productive in working the first is to make a list that must be done or to do list. With this list, you can estimate and organize your schedule well.
In each day you will definitely have a task that you have to do, you can design your daily schedule with a list of your daily tasks.

That way you already have a schedule about what you have to do in one day. Also do it in the following days to manage your time well.

2. Make a schedule according to priority

Time management tips to be more productive in working the next is to learn to make a schedule according to priority. For example, if you have a task with the closest deadline, then prioritize the task in your schedule. Then you can also consider other priority scales, such as the level of urgency of work and so on.

Thus, your work will be completed as the schedule you made, of course, finished as it should. There are no late deadlines, and such.

In making a schedule in accordance with priorities, you need to understand about each of the tasks that you have to do. Because that is the priority of your work, only you know it.

3. Do not delay work

This is what often happens, delaying work that is considered light and eventually piling up behind. This will only damage your overall schedule, so do not even delay the work you are supposed to do. Delayed work will hamper all your tasks.
Of course there are exceptions, pending work is not a problem as long as you consider the previous points, namely the priority scale.

If you get a task with a vulnerable deadline that is closer and faster you can do, then you can do the task first. So in time management tips, you can’t just use points per point, you have to do it as a whole.

4. Consistency

Once you have a good schedule and are perceived to be in accordance with your daily work, the next thing you have to do is do that schedule consistently.

It does seem easy, but being consistent on a schedule is not an easy matter, even if you make it yourself.

But if you really want to manage time to be more productive in your work, then consistency in doing work on schedule is a mandatory thing you must do.

Actually, if you usually do this and become a habit, consistently doing tasks on schedule is not a difficult matter. It’s just that maybe you need time to really be in line with that schedule.

5. Don’t be afraid to say no

Tips for time management to be more productive in the next job is to not be afraid to say no. The point is that if you have a full job today, then don’t be afraid to refuse other jobs. Unless you can do it later.

In addition, don’t be afraid if you reject the invitation of your friend who will disturb your work schedule. For example, in the middle of your job, you are invited to hang out or something, don’t be afraid to say no, unless you want to ruin your work schedule.

If this becomes a habit, then one thing is not possible. You will have good time management in the work, especially to be more productive.

6. Get to know your time where you are more productive

Tips for time management to be more productive in a job that is no less important is to recognize the time you can do more productively. Each person has their own productive time.
For example you are more productive if you do work in the morning, then maximize the time to work. Or if you prefer to work at night, you can also focus your schedule to get work done at night.

Recognizing a time where you are more productive is one important point, this cannot be denied. A person will be more productive if he feels comfortable doing work. This can be supported from this productive time.

7. Avoid things that make you unfocused

This is what often happens when you do work, feeling unfocused ultimately damages your work schedule. Therefore, you should avoid things that will make you become unfocused.

These things are like cellphones, crowds or anything else. Make sure you are really comfortable and focused on doing your work. Indeed, focus cannot be forced, but focus can be created by yourself. When you focus on your work, your time will be more effective and efficient, and of course you will be more productive in your work.

8. Take time to rest

Good time management certainly does not forget your own needs. If you feel you have good time management, you should never feel tired, because you have a good resting schedule.

But if you feel you don’t have time to rest, that means your schedule and time management are not good and need to be improved. You need to know, the focus and consistency you will get if your body is also in good condition. One way to make it happen is to provide time to rest.

9. Make time for unexpected things

If you want to have good and more productive time management in your work, it’s good if you make time for unexpected things. Such as providing time for the possibility of work that cannot be resolved in the expected time.

Thus you can have extra time to complete it without interrupting your other work schedules. Of course this is only you who can understand and estimate it. But actually this can be overcome easily, provided you understand what each of the tasks you have to do.

10. Start work early

Tips for time management to be more productive in the world of the next job is to start work early. This is also still related to the previous point, where you provide additional time for things that are not unexpected.

If on the schedule you have to start work at 8:00 in the morning, then do the previous half hour. Then there is a good chance that you will get, first you can finish the job early, then the second if there is a possibility you have to overtime because the work is not finished, then you have saved thirty minutes at the beginning of your work. Basically you don’t have a loss when doing work early.

11. Establish your own deadlines

This is equally important, if you have a work schedule with a fairly long deadline, it is not a problem if you then set your own deadline. Jobs that should have a two-day deadline, you can set your own deadlines so they can be completed in a day or something.

In practice, these tips are effective for being more productive at work. So you can complete more work at the same time. It does require commitment and good consistency in doing this, but you can be sure you will have more free time on weekends.

12. Place the clock in front of you

This applies to those of you who are not familiar with the schedule and new time management. So you can put a clock in front of you, at least you can assume that your watch is your supervisor. So you have to match the schedule you have set.

Besides that, the clock will also remind you that you have to complete the work within a specified time. In practice this method has proven to be quite effective in increasing work productivity.
Especially for those of you who are not familiar with the existing schedule, over time you do not need to need these hours. And can work according to the schedule.

13. Make use of weekends to work

Most people do spend their weekends on vacation, whether relaxing with family or on vacation somewhere. But actually if you want to use your weekend time to complete a little of your work, it will really help you in the following days.

Actually it is recognized or not, you may not use all your weekend time for a vacation, there must be times when you relax and do nothing. this is when you can take advantage of your weekend time to get your work done a little. You don’t have to do a lot of work, at least you can lighten the work you have to do the next day.

14. Take time to vacation

In the points above you really are required to focus on time management to be more productive at work. But it will be difficult to materialize if you are in a bad condition, both physically and psychologically.

That’s why you should take your time on vacation. As explained a little above, you can be called having good time management when you have an effective time to work and have time to rest.

From some time management tips to be more productive in the work described above, the key is actually how you can get to know yourself. So that you can have the schedule that you want.


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