6 Tips to Become a Favorite and Respected Leader – A feared leader is not necessarily respected. There are two possibilities why your employees obey your orders. First, because they are afraid you will be fired. Second, because they really like your leadership style so that you personally want to adjust to the rules you make.

As a boss, you certainly hope that every employee can respect you fully. However, your subordinates do not necessarily feel compatible with your leadership style. It could be that your subordinates show respect before you and behave differently behind you. Apparently you are not a leader who really likes him.

The incompatibility between you and subordinates can have a negative impact on work. In order to overcome this, you must try to be a leader who is liked and respected. While the figure of the feared leader is not the right solution so that subordinates are easily managed.

Well, here are tips so that you can be a leader who is liked and respected by your subordinates.

6 Tips for Your Employees to Be Liked and Respected

  1. Discipline

Discipline in managing time sounds like a trivial thing, but you must always guard it. You must value work time so that it can be a role model for your employees

Discipline with time can relate to not coming late to the office and meeting, including on time when completing work. If you can be disciplined, your employees will automatically be encouraged to follow the rhythm of your work that always values ‚Äč‚Äčtime.

  1. Open

A wise leader wants to be open when discussing. You consider your employees to be the right team to express criticism and suggestions. By being open, you make your subordinates want to contribute positively in issuing brilliant ideas for the common good.

After all, leaders are also ordinary people. Your employees certainly have the abilities and knowledge that you do not have. For that, always give an opportunity for your subordinates to express their opinions.

  1. Motivating

You need to be a motivating and not intimidating figure. When employees don’t understand, you need to guide them. When they are wrong, you need to motivate them to learn to improve it.

Avoid intimidation because it will make them afraid. Completing tasks with fear will not give maximum results. Conversely, by motivating them, you make them think you really master the job and are responsible.

  1. Praise

A good leader will be happy to appreciate the efforts of others. If the subordinates succeed in their work, give praise to him. This will make them feel valued and motivated to continue to improve their achievements.

Remember that positive words have a tremendous impact. A little praise from you might be your usual thing. However, for your employees it can be something that is eagerly awaited and can make it more enthusiastic at work.

5 Be patient

Of course you have to be firm. But sometimes, the thing you need is patience. You may be angry when your employees make mistakes. However, you do not need to always scold with fire.

It doesn’t matter to compromise a little, because it can make you become a more friendly looking person. However, do not always excuse mistakes, because you will be considered a leader who is not authoritative.

6 . Blending

Avoid the attitude of a boss who only discusses work. Every now and then you also need to get along with your subordinates. Talk about other fun and exciting things when you are together in the office or outside the office.


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