1 – Study group
Some people like to learn a group, some love to learn alone. But, believe me! If you’ve been critical of this kind, the study group is one of the most effective ways for you to use the time. Hah? How are you, BFF? Do not know what to say … Like or not, study groups can help you gather information that may be left behind. At the same time, your friends can correct and understand what is wrong and do not understand. But, be careful! The study group can sometimes swipe. So, discipline yourself, focus and avoid chatting in unnecessary things.

2 – Read often, not read long

  • Read the book one hour, then get 15 minutes or half an hour break. The reason is, our brain can not afford to focus in a long time. But, after the rest of your assignment, you have to continue studying. Time discipline is important!

3 – Read and share

  • When you read it, do not keep it up. You have to share with friends. You gotta get back to what you’ve read. If you study one, you can even tell a pet pet. Talk to Prada the feathery cat, or Tomoi’s hamster. It’s serious! Do not worry if you want to tell a story to your sister, if you want to repeat. Anyone who likes to up status on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, can post in what status you read earlier. Just to repeat. After the exam, you have to imagine the post status you made. LOL

4 – Read the tip

  • Before the examination week, there must be one of the teachers who have a question about which title or chapter you should emphasize. So, pick the headlines that are important to read. If you read all, it does not matter. Want to eat a week if you want to delete all the titles in the book. You can also often find a teacher. Sometimes teachers are not all in the classroom. If you find a teacher, maybe the teacher will help you choose which chapters you need to read.

5 – Disconnect the intermittent

  • Opss! Do not tell your friends, you’re a brother. Do not disconnect the old friendship. This is to ask you to reload your intercourse with your ‘BFF’, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, computers, tvs, games and the rest of them … that can interfere with your rejuvenation. If you feel like IG, it can be a 15 minute break. But, when it comes to discipline, it can not be seen.

6 – Make a lot of workouts

  • The name is ‘last minute’. So, it’s better to do training than to read. It is better for you to go to the training book than to look at that thick textbook. Training books will make it easy for us to remember the important content, to familiarize with the training questions and the correct answers, and will keep in mind the important topics that have been filtered out from textbooks.

7 – Memorize

  • You can memorize titles that require memorization. There are many true methods to memorize. Remember not the way we memorize rainbow colors? We can take the first letter of each color or make a story easy to remember. You can try Mnemonic devices (use abbreviations or acronyms), or the Pegs method (change the words you need to remember in the form of rhythm and song) and can also use the Chunking method (associate or associate a word with other words through action or an overview) .

You can also use sticky notes that use different colors and write only important points. This is a great way for you to easily study when looking at the picture.

After memorizing, do not forget to write back what you already know. It’s a quick way to memorize and to keep the information that is strong enough in your memory to be more memorable.

Ok, what? Please be able to make this suggested tip. Another one to remind …

Do not ignore sleep time!
Even though you really want to follow this suggested tip, do not forget to put it in your daily schedule, time to relax and even time to sleep. Not what, if you are very studying without rest and sleep, it’s worthless to practice this tip. The reason is, when you get tired the next day, you will not be able to focus on the exam, but it will have the potential to make mistakes when answering the question because the brain can not function properly.

Do not forget to get nutritious food to keep your brain and body fresh throughout the exam week.

But, when you know this tip, you do not have to always know it. At least, you should learn from the beginning, and focus when the teacher teaches in the classroom. Ok, try it later. Hopefully you will succeed.


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