7 things teachers need to do for 21st century teaching skills

In education, the mastery of critical thinking skills among educators is important to enable students to interpret and practice the principles
and subjects learned in the context of daily life.

Critical thinking skills also encourage students to look into and consider appropriate when facing a critical stage in their lives.

Critical thinking skills are one of the key areas of focus since the 90s by the education system in the country, where the Education Ministry (KPM) has set critical thinking skills to be part of the fundamental acquisition of knowledge and skills in subjects.

In addition, critical thinking and problem solving skills are also one of the elements of 21st century skills in which the era of globalization of nations around the world takes on the importance of education that plays an important role in creating human capital with a complete package of high personality and quality.

Critical thinking is defined as making the judgment and quality evaluation of an information aim to decide actions and beliefs.

Therefore, Malaysia should take this challenge to apply 21st century skills in the education system.

There are many studies proving that the critical thinking of a student is influenced by the quality and teaching pattern of educators.

7 steps that teachers need to know to produce critical students:

  1. The implementation of teaching that stimulates critical thinking requires the integration of thinking skills into the learning content, high-level questioning, responsiveness and modeling by educators that add potential students’ thinking.
  2. An educator can only handle thinking lessons more effectively if he is a critical person.
  3. Educators need to be nurtured as innovative thinkers to produce critical students.
  4. Educators should be inclined to make critical reflection on the information obtained to make them a master of the concept of a particular science.
  5. Critical thinking will shape a brilliant educator.
  6. Teaching methods need to be changed, can not be treated as dogmatic, which is based on texts.
  7. Avoid using teaching methods that lessen the intellectual ability of students.

Social Factors

Furthermore, the social environment factor is considered to be the catalyst for individual thinking. The value created in the social environment affects the ability of the individual to think.

In this case, the philosopher in critical thinking explains the critical thinking ideally developed in the context of social learning by creating a thinking community.

Hence, the development of educator’s quality of thinking is influenced by personal factors and environmental factors.

In addition, students also need to change their perceptions, that academic excellence and degree awards are not the main cause of excellence, but they need to increase the value of skills and human capital.

The weaknesses need to be addressed urgently to ensure graduates issued by educational institutions in the country have a new idea value, not confined and sublime in the quest for knowledge as well as helping the society in future generation.

The survey conducted by the Ministry of Human Resources in 2005 found that the main factor that became the cause of unemployment was lack of communication skills, especially in oral skills and critical thinking skills, particularly in problem-solving reasoning.

Important Cultural Science

Note that the task of delivering critical educators is not a simple effort, but requires time, energy and commitment and support from the environment.

Various parties, including ministries and educators, should work together to polish this potential by means of cultivating knowledge.

Only through the cultivation of knowledge, the critical attitude and the mastery of knowledge can be achieved. To ensure that this initiative is ongoing, educators need environment support ie from administrators, colleagues, students and complete facilities.

If the atmosphere of thinking has been cultured from within and beyond, Malaysia will be able to effectively implement critical thinking lessons.


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