You did not succeed. With lots of knowledge. From learning we can have a lot of knowledge. But to really use our time to learn, we have to focus.

What if not focus? We will waste time. For example, there are two hours to study but that’s exactly where we focus only 15 minutes.

Where do you lose another time? Haaa, wasted FB and Whatsapp, chatting with friends, watching tv and others. Finally, do not know for two hours that you can learn what JE, The

person who is not focused will fail. Everyone has failed. Every time we fail, we need to continue the fight.

Be in good company and find out why we fail.

How to focus can learn. It is important that we know the right way to focus. More Focus, our more effective time, the more we learn and not panic at the last minute.

Check out 7 ways to focus on learning.

HOW # 1: Find a suitable place to study.

The bedroom is not suitable as a place to study. Find a clean and beautiful place, there is a comfortable chair. The important thing is free from tv, computer or phone. Keep any gadgets from you. OFF and disconnect the internet network.

HOW # 2: Provide all the materials needed for learning.

Make sure all the items we want to use are already available. Pen, books, eraser, calculator and so on.

It is very disturbing to learn when something is out on the table and we leave the place to study for the tool. The spirit can suddenly disappear.

HOW TO # 3: Find a friend to learn

When we learn a person, many complain as many are missing focus, maybe because of drowsiness or service. Try to find friends to learn that there is sincerity and focus.

Do not choose a good friend who likes to talk, it’s time to spend time with just a chat. Loss!

Tips to select a friend:

1) While learning with a friend is not appropriate. If you are an extrovert (like to mingle and love to talk), you are not comfortable studying with friends. If you are otherwise, be introverted and shy, you might as well choose a friend to learn. But it does not guarantee that if your friend is a chatter.

2) Choose someone who is wiser than you. It seems trivial, but many do not notice these tips very helpful to get a lot more positive learning outcomes.

WAY # 4: Choose the right snack

Do not pick up energy drinks and coffee, as it can deepen your body faster. Fruits and empty water are great for staying smart, maybe a simple bean.

5: Take 5

To stay focused, you should also relax. After learning 45 minutes, take 10 minutes to relax and do something else. Do not take longer than 20 minutes.

Relaxing tips:

1) Plan time to relax. At what time to rest, how much time to reconnect. It is important not to fall for longer.

2) Why take a break? Our minds need time to recharge after the information process. In some studies, take the opportunity to relax can reinforce memory and level of achievement in the exam / test.

HOW # 6: Feel the Dangers of Motivation

To check, we have to learn. Maintain motivation when reviewing with a mind set with a challenge. What challenge? Yes. Do not make the exam as a burden, but tell yourself and challenge yourself to get something to the exam,

Keep motivational tips:

1) Choose a GOAL for your exam though quite impossible. We will automatically feel motivated with the goals we are currently attending.

2) Bribe with a gift. Our self will also be encouraged to focus learning when there is a gift.

“If I managed to achieve A in this subject, I would go shopping for 2 pairs of jeans for myself”. Simple step, but where does it work?

3) Talk to yourself that learning is important. Always keep in mind yourself, by learning you can accomplish many good things. Perhaps with good achievement, you can easily work. Perhaps with 4.0 flets, you no longer need to pay education loans. Remember something good from what you are doing.
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HOW # 7: Sitting and Learning

Try the way 1 – How to 6? So, you’re ready to learn. Use Flash card to write notes. Make notes in the form of important points to be easy to remember. Sort by topic for easy reading.

Use mnemonic abbreviation. For example, if you remember the color code for the resistor (Electronics), you can memorize the HAJI PAK MAT HISTORICAL REQUIREMENTS TO BUY WHITE WHEELS where each of the first letters in the word represents the color of the resistor. Easy to remember?

Remember the first info in a title first, The important concept needs to be understood before considering a small title.

Effective learning can save time. Smart Study is better than Study Hard.


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