Time management , everyone must have had a problem with this one. Do you realize that if we have a smartphone, we are increasingly difficult in terms of time management? At least check the cellphone, intermittently reply to chat and email.

In the end we become multi-tasking people and the end of the work is stacked and unfinished? Finally we are stressed out quickly, do not have free time and the severity of the work is not optimal. Conscious not often like that?

Even though we are living in the era of multi-tasking, this does not mean that time management can be simpler. In fact, many people have difficulty focusing and completing work on time.

Well, the following tips might help you to feel the benefits of good time management,

Ways of Time Management for Balanced Life
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  1. Starting from the easiest
    The key to time management is planning. Well, do you still remember the mathematics teacher’s lecture before the final exam? “Do it easy first!”

If you have 10 targets in one day, try to list which ones can be solved easily. This will save you time because doing difficult work will take up energy and mind so that in the next task it will feel heavy.

Well, in this way psychologically you are more easily motivated. The brain stays cold and not stressed early in the morning because it has completed several responsibilities.

  1. Creating a Priority Scale
    In addition to making a list of jobs that are easy to do, the next time management can make priority scale. Make a list of jobs with the closest deadlines.

This way you are not scolded by the client because the work is not finished. Don’t forget to finish the easiest first.

  1. Avoid All Forms of Distraction
    The distractions vary. Chat with office partners, Facebook, BBM or other social networks. This can erode work time. The point is, it’s time to work, you can’t chat or interrupt watching Youtube.
  2. Broken Work Is Hard To Be Small
    When it comes time to do a difficult and boring job, try to break the portions into small pieces. Usually it will feel easier later. You can pay in installments between easy jobs and more so that the brain is not easily saturated.
  3. Time Management with the Pomodoro Technique
    If you play Youtube, Facebook and chat it’s really unbearable, try the Pomodoro technique to help you concentrate. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method in which we divide tasks into blocks and do them for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break.

This technique is very good for helping concentration, what else when working on difficult tasks. You just have to set the time for 25 minutes to work, and use 5 minutes to play social networking or other entertainment so that the brain is not bored.

  1. Don’t Do Tasks in Multi-tasking
    Although multi-tasking seems to be effective because we have multiple tasks, but in reality this takes a lot of time. Your concentration is broken and sometimes the results are not optimal.

Now, back to the original rules, it’s better to do the easy ones first and then the difficult ones.

  1. Set Happy Hour Time to Enough
    Happy Hour does need to build relationships. Sometimes after going home from work we are invited by colleagues to relax for a moment by hanging out or karaoke. But keep in mind, not too often. Keep an eye on going home so that you go home on time and get enough sleep.

Not infrequently we are also asked by clients to meet outside the office to discuss work, and we end up meeting at a nightclub. If there are clients like this, keep yourself up and don’t move too much so you don’t get tired quickly. Do not drink too much so that tomorrow you can still meet with a fit condition.

  1. Time Management by Working According to Portions
    As time went on, the company began to give freedom to employees to work anytime and anywhere. Well, working late into the night is not a wise thing. Health and family relationships are important.

Even if you work at home, make sure the time management is set properly. When work must work, and at rest and build relationships must be separate


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