1. Determining Own Income

You become the boss of yourself. You don’t need to wait for a salary from someone, but you pay yourself.

When you want a lot of results, you have to work harder. You determine your own income target.

2 Developing Self Potential

If you work as an employee, you may be forced to do what you don’t understand. You might work not in the field you are most in control of.

Whereas if you do business yourself, you can be more free in exploring and developing your abilities. Nothing prevents you from doing anything, unless you yourself don’t want to try it.

3 Doing what you like

When doing business, you have the opportunity to do work that you like. You can run a business that fits your hobbies and have fun while making money.

However, if you work with someone else, you will be charged with an unwelcome task. Over time, work will become a monotonous and boring routine.

4 Mental Training as a Leader

No matter how small your business is, you immediately become a leader in your business. You are the boss for yourself and other people who work with you.

This will train your mental leadership. You will learn many things, starting from making decisions, delegating jobs, solving problems, and so on.

5 Creating Change

The advantage of being an entrepreneur is that you have the opportunity to create change. You must be able to innovate and bring something new to the world.

For example, Facebook changes the way we interact through social media. Go-Jek presents online motorcycle taxi services that make it easier for people to find two-wheeled transportation.
6 Helps Open Jobs

image: clickhowto.com
You contribute to reducing unemployment. You play an important role in helping people who want to make a living.

The bigger your business, the more jobs that can be opened. Many people you can employ, so your life will feel more useful.

7 Increasing Insights

If you are an employee, at least you only need to master your field of work. Whereas if you become an entrepreneur, you can’t help but learn a lot of things.

You must know how to manage finances, create marketing strategies, lead subordinates, serve customers, and others. Your insights will definitely increase, because that’s what is needed to manage the business to succeed.

8 The relations are wider

You will meet many people when doing business, from consumers, business people, investors, to government officials.

You really need a lot of these relationships. Your connection must be extensive so that you can more easily market products, develop business, establish cooperation, and also manage business licensing.

9 More Flexible Time

Indeed there are many things that must be done when running a business. However, you can say that your time becomes more flexible, because you alone determine your working hours.

Moreover, if your business already has a good system, you don’t need to watch it at all times. Because the business can continue to run, even if you are not in your business or office.

Well, that’s a number of advantages of being an entrepreneur. Hopefully it can inspire you to enter the business world and motivate you to become a successful entrepreneur in your chosen field.


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