How to Find a Low-Stress Job

Intense job anxiety, which the World Health Organization has called a”worldwide epidemic,” is not the occasional aggravation of a dysfunctional copier or a annoying coworker. It’s the energy-draining, psyche-straining, daily mental grind that results in accidents, insomnia, irritability, fatigue and a general lower quality of life.

But work does not have to stress you out. There are scores of low-stress jobs available across a vast array of fields, based on Laurence Shatkin, career information specialist and author of 150 Greatest Low-Stress Jobs. And the great majority of these jobs have great growth potential and good salary too, states Shatkin.

Reaction to stressors is idiosyncratic. So.e find the pressure of exactitude debilitating, others thrive on it. Some can not handle conflict, while some take arguments in stride.

Archivists, who plan and oversee the arrangement of exhibits, possess a more relaxing pace of work than a number of other professions. The median annual archivist salary in 2010 was 45,200, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Prefer a Short Workweek?

Massage therapists and fitness trainers work fewer hours per week than some other professionals. These fields are growing quickly as well, even though the cover is less than a number of other fields. Many places are contract, with no advantages (which some people could find stressful). The median annual massage therapist salary was $34,900 in 2010, according to the BLS. Fitness trainers made a median of $31,090.

Don’t Need to Check Over Your Shoulder?

Environmental scientists appreciate lesser competition than specialists in a number of different fields. The livelihood also offers a coveted 25 percent job growth rate along with a median salary of $61,700, according to BLS data.

Want Freedom from the Most Important Thing?

Mathematicians and sociologists — with median salaries of $99,380 and $72,360, respectively — have to be worried less about the impact their decisions have on company results.

Run from Unpleasant People?

You might be more comfortable working with programs (marine engineers earn median wages of $79,920) or concepts (physicistsearn median wages of $106,370).

To select a low-stress occupation or career, it is important to consider what you can and can not abide, based on Andrea Moselle, senior manager of Urology in AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. “Any job can be stressful or maybe not, depending on how you view it,” she states.


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