I am putting a stop to the continuing trend of how innocent and adorable sea otters are. I meanthey are certainly cute, but they may also be unbelievably vicious creatures. I am sure many of you’ve seen images online of sea otters holding hands, causing all to freak out about just how cute these small guys are. This in turn, seemingly makes them the very innocent creature on Earth. Not even close.

I am just going to state it. Sea otters rape and kill baby seals. Yes, you read that right. There have been lots of instances where sea otters find only baby seals and induce them in the water, where they’ll start their attack. How can we know that? Scientists have said that sea otters were doing breeding rituals on the infant seals, and they’ve discovered why.

Why Does Sea Otters Select Baby Seals?
Male sea otters are extremely territorial, which contributes to the more powerful men establishing themselves in regions with large numbers of females. While this occurs, the more powerful otters will function to exclude other males from breeding. The excluded scared off men gather in regions which don’t have a lot of contact with sea otters. This also contributes to the poorer male otters getting more desperate to mate, which makes them more competitive that is the point where the helpless infant seals arrive in.

Regrettably, the baby seals normally wind up dying since the breeding ritual is quite competitive and can be somewhat violent if the man is sexually inactive. The ritual involves biting, clawing, and rolling out the feminine (or infant seals in this instance ) consistently for several minutes, which may result in drowning, or perhaps bleeding from the heavy cuts and snacks. The bad baby seals do not stand a opportunity.

The otters are discovered to maintain having sex with the female otter or infant seal as soon as they are dead. There have been instances where the otters would shield and copulate the bodies for around a week following departure.

What the hell, am I correct? Even after the study I had difficulty thinking this, but I really have a buddy that has witnessed this kind of episode in British Colombia, Canada.


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