The New Guinea flatworm is a dark-brown predatory worm that was first found on the island New Guinea. As its name implies, it’s a horizontal, worm-looking invertebrate. Platydemus manokwari ranges from 1.6-2.6 inches. Both ends of this creature seem comparable, but the ending with all the mind is thinner and contains two eyespots. The bottom of the animal is really a pale tan and also the upper-side includes a faint stripe it down.

This species is a predator of snails. It employs a white pharynx just like a feeding tube and can drain snails entirely. Despite appearing like benign, slimy animals, snails are an essential link in the food chain and ecosystem. They’ve been imported in different countries to restrain the Giant African American! A snail that may grow around 7 inches in length! In many Pacific Islands, scientists have discovered a substantial reduction, even extinction occasions, of numerous land snails. They’ve been reported to climb trees up after the snail paths of the prey.

This little flatworm also poses a danger to vertebrate creatures like humans and other creatures by taking parasites. Platydemus manokwari is regarded as a paratenic host of this Rat Lungworm, Angiostrongylus cantonensis (please consult with our Species Page). Considering that the flatworms feed snails which are frequently intermediate hosts of this Rat Lungworm, the flatworms can help disperse the nematode parasite round. If they’re infected with the parasite, then they could increase an animals or humans capacity to experience the Angiostrongylus parasite.


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