It obviously has a cousin, since yet another sword-fighting crab has exploded at YouTube and, essentially, the world wide web has fallen in love with the hottest shellfish superhero.

Managing the blade easily and immense ability, the small crab scuttles round the sink seeking to avoid its opponent who’s hammering it with a much, much larger knife. Does not sounds really endearing now, does it?

In a meeting with IFLScience, marine biologist Molly Zaleski stated that the knife was almost definitely put from the crab’s claw by somebody tormenting it:

I’d bet with 99 percent certainty someone put that knife at the crab’s claws to create a humorous video.

It is definitely not ordinary crab behavior to use knives as resources or to use knives defence against people.

The crab is going to catch the knife opportunistically in the handle.

Towards the conclusion of the movie, you will notice it is beginning to catch in the blade, which can be too thin. It is not since the crab knows how to use a knife, it is because the diameter of the grip is much more conducive to its own claw grip compared to the diameter of the blade.


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