Lichtenberg figures are particular to people struck by lightning, either with an immediate attack, a side flash, or earth voltage. They look inside one hour and vanish by 48 hrs. Our individual was likely struck by a side flash; her lesions lasted much longer. Four kinds of shallow burns or skin changes can happen: congenital, punctate, feathering, or thermal burns. Linear burns are partial thickness burns that exist within the moisture rich regions of the human body. Punctate burns appear as numerous, small cigarette-like burns within an rosette-like pattern. Thermal burns occur when the lightning ignites or melts the clothes. Feathering burns aren’t accurate burns; they create the pathognomonic ferning pattern on the skin called Lichtenberg figures.

Named after the discoverer, Georg Christopher Lichtenberg, Lichtenberg figures happen as a result of high voltage release on or inside the insulating material. A lightning attack generates around 30 million volts/50,000 amperes of electrical current to flow through the sufferer’s body. Skin being a relatively good insulator, a similar pattern is observed in lightning attack victims. The intensive electron circulation is anticipated to cause dielectric degradation of skin and red blood cell membranes into the superficial skin layers in the capillaries.

Unlike skin, the nervous system has very low electric resistance, and the nervous system suffers from a lightning accident, which range from passing benign signs to permanent disability. Risks of the cardiovascular system are typical in lightning attack victims; patients largely enter asystole, after the remarkable shock. The most usual cause of death in the lightning attack victims would be that a cardiopulmonary arrest.

Our patient suffered in the lightning attack inside, developed the characteristic skin changeslost consciousness for one hourand recovered with no sequel. That is in contrast to record of individuals, who mainly suffer with harms outside and are brought for medical aid either using a retrograde amnesia, or unconsciousness. Lichtenberg figures are incredibly useful not just in the identification and the best control of those patients but end up being an essential proof for testifying the autopsy reports in patients attracted dead.


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