He ice hockey moves ashore, crackling because it moves like tens of thousands of windows breaking. In minutes, it is transferred from the coastline of a Minnesota lake into the walls of houses across the lake.
“It was only breaking and pushing and beating and pushing up,” Darla Johnson, who made a movie of Saturday’s”ice tsunami” on Mille Lacs Lake, informed CNN affiliate WCCO-TV at Minneapolis. Johnson’s movie had over 275,000 viewpoints on YouTube by Monday morning.

Christopher Tetrault, a conservation officer to the region together with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, stated the weather event functions like this: Powerful winds blow hefty chunks of ice outside in the lake toward the coast. Those balls heave up pieces of milder, melting ice nearer to shore up around the property. The longer the wind blows, the more ice depends upon soil.
“It essentially has the exact same mechanism of an iceberg,” stated Todd Borek, a CNN meteorologist. “Winds, however more so sea currents, let icebergs to float. Same assumption: A chunk of ice (comparatively shallow) was pushed with a powerful, sustained breeze. The momentum of this ice sheet resisted the friction of this property “
Tetrault said the ice arrived approximately 60 feet to 80 feet inland Saturday, becoming as large as 30 feet in some areas. The ice mass sprayed up about 2.5 kilometers of coastline, ” he explained.
Pictures: Pictures: Ice sheets include
‘Ice tsunami’ takes over coastline 01:13
Ice tide destroys homes01:29
At least one house had 2 to 3 feet of ice spill throughout its own patio glass doors, plus a Few boathouses across the lake were ruined, ” he said.
It had been something Tetrault, who has just been stationed on Mille Lacs Lake for a month or two, had not seen before. But longtime locals told they could not recall anything similar as the 1950s.
Exactly the exact same phenomenon was observed Friday on Dauphin Lake in Manitoba, about 75 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg, in which a wall of ice around 30 ft high destroyed six houses and damaged 14 other people, according to a report in the Canadian Broadcasting Corp..


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